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Natural Scabies Treatment

Natural Scabies Treatment

There are several natural scabies treatments that have proven safe and effective both for killing the scabies mites and healing the skin damage caused by them.  Some of the most common ones are listed below:

1.  Sulfur Ointment -  Sulfur ointment has been used for centuries as a natural scabies treatment.  It is usually applied in a five to ten per cent solution mixed with petroleum jelly.

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Tea Tree Oil

2.  Tea Tree Oil – Long known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, Tea Tree oil is also a helpful natural scabies treatment if administered properly. The Menzies School of Public Health in Australia  has used Tea Tree oil effectively  to treat scabies in the remote Aboriginal population, where nearly half of the population suffers from chronic recurring scabies infestation.

3.  Aloe vera-  The gel-like fluid housed inside the aloe vera plant is prized for helping to speed healing of all sorts of skin ailments, from acne to burns.  Aloe vera does not kill scabies but when  used as part of a natural scabies treatment program, it will help ease symptoms and speed the healing process.

4.  Zinc Oxide- Zinc oxide helps protect skin and clear up rashes making it potentially useful in combination with other remedies for healing scabies.  Like aloe vera, zinc oxide does not kill the scabies but helps heal the skin damage caused by them.

5.  Vitamin E – Creams containing vitamin E will help speed up the healing process.  Vitamin E is not a scabies killer but will help heal your skin and should be used in connection with natural scabies cures.

balsam of peru - natural scabies treatment

balsam of peru

6.  Balsam of Peru-  also sometimes seen as Peru Balsam, is an essential oil collected from trees found in El Salvador (it is processed in Peru, hence the name).  The oil has been used to treat eczema and arthritis. It can kill scabies because of its anti-parasitic properties. Ten to 30 drops should be given daily in a syrup solution (castor oil is a good choice) with an egg yolk added.  It is said to raise the blood pressure, so you might not want to try this one if your blood pressure is already high.

7.  Goldenseal - When used as a topical treatment, goldenseal will help fight the infection caused by the scabies mites and by scratching of the scabies sores.  

8.  Tamanu Oil  -   Found in Southeast Asia and Polynesia, the tamanu tree is known by various  names including ati, kamani and foraha. The tamanu tree produces a nut that is cracked and dried, which allows the oil to develop.  It is available in a bottle and is very effective in helping to heal the skin injury caused by scabies.

9.  Garlic – Used both externally and taken in pill form, garlic has anti-parasitic properties that help kill the scabies mites.  Obviously, some people will not want to use garlic as part of their treatment and, fortunately, there are many other natural scabies treatments available so that garlic may be avoided by those who do not wish to use it.

10.  Colloidal Silver – Colloidal silver is one of the most talked about natural remedies.  It has been heralded as both an antibiotic germ killer and effective for prevention of infections.  It is an effective treatment when applied to areas affected by scabies infestation and particularly helpful at preventing a secondary infection that might be caused from scratching scabies sores.  However, care should be taken to obtain it from a reputable source as there are companies that sell cheaper versions of the product that are inferior in quality and ineffective.

neem tree oil - natural scabies treatment

neem tree

11.  Black Walnut and Wormwood – Black Walnut and wormwood are two herbal remedies that help the body fight parasitic infections making them ideal as a natural scabies treatment. They’re often found together in prepared remedies for parasitic infections.

12.  Neem Tree Leaf  -  One of the chemical components of this tree has been found to be 95 percent effective as a natural pesticide and insecticide.  It is helpful both for killing the scabies mites and healing scabies sores.  When combined in the proper ratio and applied properly, neem tree leaves combined with tumeric are a very effective natural scabies treatment.

These are just some of the natural scabies treatments that are very effective in healing scabies without resort to prescription and over the counter scabies drugs.  There are many others as well and, when used together as part of a complete natural scabies treatment plan, these remedies can actually kill scabies within 24 hours and quickly repair the damage caused by a scabies infestation.

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  • Maria Chin says:

    God bless you and your site! I downloaded your report and Joe Barton’s as well and I’m happy to say that my son was scabies free in less than three days! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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